Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Link-Up

Happy Valentine's Day, all! In addition to their Valentine's Day award, Sophia and Katelyn have come up with a Valentine's Day Link-Up.  Admittedly, my Valentine's Day OOTD pictures were taken in advance as I am wearing running clothes instead of a festive outfit.  My track team is competing at Boston University's Valentine Invitational this weekend, so I've swapped my skirts for spandex and my blouses for sports bras.  Here's my (almost) Valentine's Day outfit:

Gloves: Old Navy (similar); Coat: Anthropologie

Sweater: Old Navy; Popover: J.Crew; Jeans: Hollister; Boots: Bass

How are you spending Valentine's Day?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Award

My Fab Girl Bloggers friend, Sophia from California Belle, has nominated me for the Valentine's Day Award that she and Katelyn from A Sprinkle of Kate worked so hard to put together!  This award is all about showing appreciation for fellow bloggers.  I am honored to be considered one of their favorite bloggers, so for my favorite bloggers...

1. If you are tagged to do this award, copy the rules into your post.
2. Link the post back to Sophia & Katelyn's blogs.
3. Recognize the blogger who tagged you and link back to him/her.
4. Tag five bloggers who you believe deserve this award.
5. Let all of the five bloggers you tagged know that you have awarded them!
6. Answer the 10 questions.
7. Include the image.

1. What is something you are looking forward to doing in February?
I am looking forward to going home for the weekend of Feb. 27.  I see my family more often than most college students, yet that never seems to be enough.  Home truly is where the heart is.

2. Pink or red for V-Day?
Red! Pink is my favorite color, but I prefer to go for a bold red in the bitter cold and dreariness of February.

3. What inspires you to blog?
I have always had an affinity for writing.  Blogging has become an outlet that almost forces me to make time to write outside of academic assignments and the like.  What's more, blogging has opened far too many doors for me to consider stopping in the near future.

4. Who are your style icons?
Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, and my mom

5. What is your favorite item for winter?
My favorite item for winter is my new Anthropologie peacoat, which will make an appearance in my Valentine's Day Link-Up post this weekend.  I searched tirelessly for this jacket after it sold out online and was ecstatic when I finally found it (probably because it makes me feel like a princess).

6. If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world and blog for a week about it where would it be?
As uncultured as I might seem for writing this, I would love to go to Walt Disney World Resort to blog for a week.  The little princess in me contends that it is the happiest place on earth.  What I would give to explore every nook and cranny of the Disney Parks...

7. Who are your blogger icons?
Carly from The College Prepster, Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and Ashleigh from SportsAsToldByAGirl are my current blogger icons.  Though she is no longer blogging, I cannot forget Hannah from The Pink and Green Prep, who was one of the first to inspire me to start my own blog.

8. How would you describe your style?
Classic, vintage, preppy, and, of course, sparkly

9. Which is your favorite, East or West coast?
East Coast (original 13 colonies represent!)

10. If you could pick one blogger to be, who would you choose?
Sarah Vickers is living the dream! A marriage proposal in front of a European castle and fireworks? Yes, please.

My favorite bloggers:
Keep up the good work, everyone! Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 9, 2015

An editor who's changing the game

Ashleigh Binder, the owner of and senior writer for a sports blog with a feminine flourish, is building her brand from the convoluted intersection of gender norms and athletics. What began as a senior class project has evolved into SportsAsToldByAGirl, a brand that, Binder says, “allows women a voice in sports.”

Inspired by her love of sports to start SportsAsToldByAGirl, Binder, a Rutgers University graduate, writes, edits and posts on all of the brand’s social media accounts. “Right now we are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus,” Binder said. In the hopes that SportsAsToldByAGirl will create as many opportunities for women across multiple journalistic mediums as possible, she has made the upkeep of the brand her fulltime job. Though ESPN and other media sources provide opportunities to women, Binder holds that sports journalism is clearly a male-dominated field.

SportsAsToldByAGirl divaricates from other media outlets in the way in which its writers present stories. Fantasy Football Girl Liz Loza “has fostered a vast and diverse community of fans with her spirited wit and expertise,” Binder writes. Loza’s extensive experience with video, radio and the written word, as well as her indepth knowledge of football have allowed her to redefine major media spheres and make a name for herself outside the “blogosphere.” Loza was one of only three media representatives to obtain access to the NFL Pro Hollywood Bootcamp in Spring 2013. 

Writers such as Loza are critical to the future of SportsAsToldByAGirl as it evolves, further exceeding Binder’s expectations. Binder advises her writers to take a genuine interest in their respective article topics. “I want real fans talking about what story lines they care about most,” she said. Acknowledging that such a standard may hurt her in trying to recruit reliable writers, Binder understands the resulting benefits. “No one wants to read an apathetic post,” she reveals. “It is the authenticity that brings people back to the site.” 

Binder majored in psychology, later considering a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She knew she liked psychology because of her interest in the study of mental health issues, which she concedes are a tangible problem in this country. Now in graduate school, she feels honored that her brand produces pieces that not only inform and elicit positive responses from readers, but also inspire women to write for the site. 

As Binder’s higher education continues, so does her blogging knowledge. “I have learned that you might not see it right away, but hard work does pay off,” she said, conceding that hard work in the name of passion is beneficial. She also stresses the importance of blogging for the sake of the blogger, not the reader. It is essential for writers to approve of their own pieces, even if their readers have converse opinions. 

Following her own advice, Binder has transformed her lifetime sports fandom into a niche website. As SportsAsToldByAGirl evolves, Binder aims to continue promoting the voice of women in sports with the utmost integrity. She gives the brand an edge with her gossipy take on sports stories, over 2,000 of which have been published in the two years the website has been active. As the brand continues to grow, Binder intends to add to the existing six female contributing writers, and to expand into radio, television or both. When medium shifts occur, Binder has yet to determine whether she will be a main personality. 

For now, Binder is compelling SportsAsToldByAGirl onward with the help of writers such as Loza, as well as sheer passion for sports. Based out of New Jersey, Binder’s website transmits the essence of a New York Giants, New York Mets, New Jersey Devils and Boston Celtics enthusiast. A personable blogger, ever intrigued by the art of amelioration, Binder has converted her once senior project into “a girl’s account of all things sports.” Though in the infant stages of its launch, SportsAsToldByAGirl covers basketball, baseball, hockey, football, college sports and gossip, among other topics. Binder is a blogger with a vision, a student of the industry. Her well-rounded academic history combined with her acquired sports blogging knowledge makes her and her team of writers a force to be reckoned with. 

The unique perspective presented as part of the SportsAsToldByAGirl brand, spearheaded by staff editor and main writer Ashleigh Binder, drives the conversation about where women intersect with athletics forward. “I never expected the site to even get to this point,” Binder said,” but now I see that this is just the beginning.”