Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer wedding style

As graduation season comes to a close, wedding season is just starting to pick up.  But if you know that you won't be the one in white, it's difficult to find the most appropriate outfit for a loved one's big day.  I was inspired by The Black Tux to help you get one step closer to solving your wedding guest dilemmas.

Ladies, summer means that it is time to let your brightest colors shine!  The more colorful the dress, the better.  Remember that metallics are considered neutrals, so throw on some metallic, diamond, and/or pearl accessories, and let your dress do the talking.

Dress: Tobi / Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar) / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Gentlemen, the women have Rent the Runway, and now you have The Black Tux.  The nuances of men's fashion can be tricky, so it's best to turn to the experts.  Use the guide below to find the style that best suits your event (pun intended) and then head over to The Black Tux's suit and tuxedo rentals page to see how close you can come to out-shining your plus one.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beach essentials

For my friends still in school, the senior spring break trip is something to look forward to from the moment they set foot on campus.  For me, spring break is a thing of the past as I work tirelessly in my first big-girl job.  However, I am fortunate enough to belong to a family that loves to travel, especially south of our northeastern "frozen tundra," as my mother calls it.  Last weekend, I made the trip down to Florida, and even though I've only been back in New York for four days, I can't stop sifting through's Florida rentals page, trying to plan my next vacation to the sunshine state.

Over the weekend, there was plenty of time for soaking up the sun, so I had my beach essentials with me at all times.  It's possible that I still haven't unpacked in the hopes that I'll be jet-setting off to one of these Florida rentals in the near future...

  • A mobile charger to make sure I always have my phone ready to take pictures and play music
  • A speaker and headphones (beachside dancing is a must)
  • Hand sanitizer to get rid of sunscreen-covered hands on the go
  • A great pair of sunglasses
  • A book I can get lost in

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunglasses season

The calendar might say spring, but certainly the thermometer does not.  In New York, we were lucky to have one 60-degree day this weekend, and thanks to Warby Parker's latest sunglasses collection, I was prepared for those gorgeous rays of sun that are such a rarity for northerners in April!





Monday, January 23, 2017

Super Bowl LI prediction

You would be hard pressed to find someone surprised that Bill Belichick's New England Patriots will head to the Super Bowl for a record-breaking seventh time (ninth time in franchise history) in just under two weeks.  Likewise, you would be hard pressed to find someone who picked the Atlanta Falcons as NFC Champions.  Yet, if the second half of the season has proved anything, it's that if anyone can thwart the Patriots, it's Dan Quinn's Falcons.

Matt Ryan entered the postseason as the least successful QB in the field.  In the lyrics of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton," "He has something to prove.  He has nothing to lose."  But now the pressure is on, and certainly Tom Brady is not going to be affected by nerves with so many Super Bowls already under his belt.  In fact, the postseason is where Belichick and Brady shine.  Meanwhile, this is Ryan's first Super Bowl appearance, and only the second in Falcons franchise history.

So how did the Falcons end up here?  In yesterday's NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta defense broke right through Green Bay's offensive line.  In fairness, the Packers are injury-riddled right now, but that did not seem to slow down Patriots WR Chris Hogan last night, who suffered a thigh injury in week 20.  Ultimately, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is among the best offensive players in the league, maybe even better than Brady this season, so the fact that the Falcons essentially shut him down is promising for a team that will need to put extremely high pressure on the man who many consider to be the greatest QB the NFL has ever seen.  The Falcons defense that helped end the Packers' eight-game winning streak by keeping the opposing team scoreless through half time is the same defense that put up abysmal numbers earlier in the season.  Since then, however, Atlanta's defensive line has improved exponentially.

"Some people said this defense is too young and we're going to make a lot of mistakes," said 15-year veteran Falcons defensive end Dwight Freeney to NFL Media Columnist Jeffri Chadiha.  "But I could look at the other side of it.  These guys are young, they have energy and they can run.  If we get them on the right page and understanding what they need to do fast, we could be dangerous."

A young, spry defensive line could be useful against Brady who, even though he is as tireless as a vicenarian, is still 39-years-old.   Conversely, even Ryan admitted the importance of veterans in the playoffs.

"Experience counts; experience helps," he admitted after clinching the NFC title.

Of course, the Matt Ryan-Julio Jones dyad brings a different type of experience to the table.  In October, they became the first duo ever to put up 500 passing and 300 receiving yards.  Jones has the size and speed to put points on the board, but will those points be greater than what Brady accumulates?

Probably not.  The Patriots and the Falcons will give each other a difficult time on both sides of the ball, but in the end, its likely that the Belichick-Brady squad will inch past Atlanta for a fifth Super Bowl win.

Brady's offense is a powerhouse, but the New England defense is what will give the team the edge it needs to defeat Atlanta.  Yesterday, the Patriots proved that their defense can still have success against a tough offensive team, such as the Steelers.  In the postseason alone, the Pats have four interceptions and three sacks.  Overall, New England has allowed fewer passing yards, rush yards, points, and third down conversions per game than Atlanta.  If the Falcons can be more like the Patriots and use the defensive line to attack and break through the blockers, they stand a solid chance to rob Brady and Belichick of another victory.  But so far, the Falcons have showed that they beat teams primarily by scoring more, rather than preventing scoring by their opponent.

That's going to be tough when it's Belichick's offensive line staring them down on the other side of the field.