Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beach essentials

For my friends still in school, the senior spring break trip is something to look forward to from the moment they set foot on campus.  For me, spring break is a thing of the past as I work tirelessly in my first big-girl job.  However, I am fortunate enough to belong to a family that loves to travel, especially south of our northeastern "frozen tundra," as my mother calls it.  Last weekend, I made the trip down to Florida, and even though I've only been back in New York for four days, I can't stop sifting through's Florida rentals page, trying to plan my next vacation to the sunshine state.

Over the weekend, there was plenty of time for soaking up the sun, so I had my beach essentials with me at all times.  It's possible that I still haven't unpacked in the hopes that I'll be jet-setting off to one of these Florida rentals in the near future...

  • A mobile charger to make sure I always have my phone ready to take pictures and play music
  • A speaker and headphones (beachside dancing is a must)
  • Hand sanitizer to get rid of sunscreen-covered hands on the go
  • A great pair of sunglasses
  • A book I can get lost in

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunglasses season

The calendar might say spring, but certainly the thermometer does not.  In New York, we were lucky to have one 60-degree day this weekend, and thanks to Warby Parker's latest sunglasses collection, I was prepared for those gorgeous rays of sun that are such a rarity for northerners in April!